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We couldn’t do what we do without our members and supporters. By being a part of the OAC Community, you can make a difference in your own weight and health journey, in each other’s lives and for all people affected by obesity across the world.

Getting involved can take many different forms – from simply reading and sharing our information to making a donation or coming to an OAC event. As a Community member, your experience is truly what you make of it. We invite you to explore your interests, discover your passions and engage with the OAC however you’d like!

Getting Started in the OAC’s Community

We’ve designed this online space, the OAC Community ENGAGE Platform, to be a “home” for connecting with the OAC Community whenever and however you’d like. Use this online platform to share your story, stay connected to what we do, engage with others, receive great education and take action to make a difference!

Engage with Your Own Health

We know how important it is to have access to quality weight and health education you can trust. From information on nutrition, exercise and weight management to obesity treatments and more, we’ve got you covered with the educational support you want and need to make the best decisions for your personal weight and health journey.

Connect with Others Like you

We don’t have to travel the weight management journey alone. Whether you are a part of this journey yourself or you’re a support system to someone else, connections make a difference. Finding those connections in the company of others, and offering them in return, can help make the journey with weight and health easier to navigate.

Connect with the OAC

By taking action and engaging with the OAC, you help us grow our impact and make a better world for people living with obesity. Through the vehicles of education, advocacy, support and awareness, you can make a far-reaching impact even in the most simple of ways!