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OAC TV is our unique video brand created with the goal of starting conversations that connect with you, helping you navigate your journey with weight and health through an engaging video experience, and keeping you up-to-date on all things weight and health-related!

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Health Talks
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Tune-in for OAC Health Talks, our quarterly educational videos designed specifically with our Community in mind. These short videos are designed to empower you while providing straightforward, practical answers and insight from trusted experts.

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Fresh Perspectives
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Fresh Perspectives with OAC is a place for thought-provoking discussions on weight, health and more. Tune in monthly for intimate interviews with OAC Community members as they share their insights into the obesity space.

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Quick Takes
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Discover new angles on trending topics in the weight and health realm with OACTV’s Quick Take! These short videos featuring key opinion leaders are meant to start a new type of conversation, one that values the science behind obesity and fosters respect for people of all weights. After each Quick Take, we encourage you to ask questions and share your thoughts!

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Featured Video

OAC Health Talks: How to Cope with Seasonal Stress and Depression

With fall in full bloom and winter right around the corner, the seasons are changing rapidly and sometimes that can affect your mental state. Managing stress and depression during the changing seasons can be difficult and sometimes feel impossible. In this Health Talk, you will hear from clinical health psychologist, Robyn Pashby, PhD, who will provide you with some helpful tips on how you can cope with seasonal stress and depression.

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