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The OAC takes great pride in producing unbiased and science-based education to help individuals along their weight management journey. The OAC produces and distributes a wide variety of educational resources free of charge, with a goal to provide the right tools and resources to support individuals with obesity. To see a list of resources (including digital PDF versions), click here.

Items Available for Request:

General OAC Materials

  • OAC Postcard
  • Weight Matters Magazine

Understanding Obesity Series

  • Understanding Obesity and Severe Obesity Brochure
  • Understanding Childhood Obesity Brochure
  • Understanding Your Obesity Treatment Options Brochure

Weight Bias and Stigma Resources

  • Weight Bias in Healthcare (Guide)
  • Weight Bias in the Workplace (Guide)
  • Understanding Obesity Stigma Brochure

Understanding Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

  • Understanding Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Brochure
  • Understanding Prediabetes and Excess Weight Brochure


  • Your Weight Matters Poster
  • Understanding Childhood Obesity Poster

Folletos en Español

  • Understanding Severe Obesity Brochure (Spanish)

If you are interested in making an individual or bulk request for complimentary OAC educational resources, you must first complete the below form to submit your general information. You will then be able to access the official OAC Request Order Form through the link provided in your email and can proceed with placing your order.

All mailings/shipments can take up to 3 weeks to be received, so your patience is appreciated while your request is processed. If you have any questions about OAC’s materials or placing an order, please contact (800) 717-3117.

The OAC’s resources are intended to serve as a valuable tool in an individual’s personal health journey. As such, the OAC maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding the fraudulent request of materials. Please be advised that all requests coming through the OAC’s system are trackable, and in the event it is suspected or detected that fraudulent requests have been made, the OAC will work with all necessary law enforcement authorities and provide relevant identification information for further investigation.