The OAC recognizes the importance of creating a place for individuals affected by obesity, as well as Healthcare professionals, where they can gain access to education, resources and support. Whether it be a face-to-face meeting, or virtual event, our goal is to provide these invaluable tools to our Community members and increase the number of events we offer on a local and National level.



OAC National Convention

The Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO is the largest National meeting dedicated to providing evidence-based strategies for individuals impacted by excess weight and obesity. This 3-day educational event is designed to bring together all individuals who struggle or are concerned with weight-related issues. The entire weekend is dedicated to presenting a comprehensive agenda, comprised of more than 50 educational topics brought to you from leading industry experts on weight and health to give you the right tools to be successful in your journey with weight. The OAC’s Convention is also a place where individuals can energize their journey to health and wellness, connect with other passionate health advocates and explore the EXPO Hall to learn about the latest health-related products and services. To learn more about the Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO, please click here.

YWM Convention