Stay Tuned! This NEW Initiative is Launching Soon!

The OAC is excited to soon debut the Weight of the World initiative, a global effort designed to unite individuals with obesity through powerful story telling! This initiative aims to connect individuals through the power of the personal story, while providing support and amplifying the voices of individuals affected by obesity.

As part of this, the OAC will soon launch the Weight of the World video collection platform, where our community members can safely and easily share their personal stories through video. We are hoping that the stories shared through this platform are real and honest, and provide support to others through hearing shared perspectives.

We look forward to launching this initiative soon and hearing your stories that reflect the realities of living with obesity, because we know that these are the stories that will bring us together and change the way others view obesity. Stay tuned for messages and announcements about the launch of the Weight of the World initiative and video collection platform.