Of all the things you can do to help yourself and others, few things are as valuable as sharing your story. When it comes to your journey with weight, what’s yours?

  • Where have you been on your journey with weight?
  • What have you experienced and learned?
  • What challenges have you overcome? What successes have you had?
  • What has made you who you are today?
  • What would you tell others on a similar journey?

Weight of the World Gives You the Platform to Share Your Real and Honest Stories

There is power in sharing your story, and the OAC makes it easy with our  Weight of the World initiative. This powerful video platform lets you share your stories and offer support to others. It also helps to broaden the understanding of obesity as a real disease affecting real lives.

Weight of the World invites you to share your real and honest stories from your journey with weight via video, and upload them to a safe and secure online platform. Once uploaded, others who have faced similar challenges and successes can view your story for support, encouragement and inspiration.

The OAC knows that obesity can feel isolating, but through Weight of the World, our stories can change lives and connect us. We can find hope that we that don’t have to go through it alone!

The OAC Invites You to Share Your Story!

You have a story, so share it! Use Weight of the World to express your experiences, struggles, setbacks successes and more from your journey with weight via video. Your real, honest stories will:

  • Support others on their journey and give them someone to relate to
  • Give you a platform to express your emotions and experiences
  • Humanize the disease of obesity
  • Broaden the understanding of obesity as a REAL disease affecting REAL lives

Your stories also don’t have to be polished, perfected or professional – they just need you. To learn more about the Weight of the World initiative, please CLICK HERE.

Share Your Story