OAC Action Center

Learn About Taking Action

Learn About Taking Action

Obesity is a complex disease and is also often misunderstood, which is why we need our community members to help us take action on issues that matter to them. The OAC encourages YOU to take #OACAction for change. You can learn more about taking action below.


What Issues Need Action?

The OAC Community wants to see a better world for individuals living with obesity. Those who struggle with their weight and/or obesity face many challenges with accessing healthcare and face unfair bias and stigmatization in their everyday lives. This must end, and we MUST take ACTION! To learn more on the issues we care about and what our community is fighting for, please click here.


Getting Started

Taking action is simple, learn how.The “Getting Started” section is the perfect place to increase your comfort level with advocacy. You’ll learn how to advocate toward legislators, regulators, the media and more. It’s an excellent step-by-step guide to increasing your advocacy efforts. Get started here!


Helpful Resources for Taking Action

It’s impossible to take action without the necessary tools. We’ve developed some great resources that will equip you to Take Action in the most effective way possible. Whether you are passionate about advocacy, fighting weight bias, or affecting policy, we have tools to help you in each area. To access our Helpful Resources, click here.


Spreading the Word about Your #OACACTION

Taking Action and affecting change is something that requires many voices. We want you to Spread the Word about #OACAction with your peers, community members and the public. When you share your actions with others, it shows them the importance of the work of our community, and encourages them to add their voice as well! So when you take action, be sure to share that action on social media by using the official hashtag – #OACAction!


Ready to Take Action?

CLICK HERE to Visit the OAC Action Center to Get Activated