When our community members are educated and empowered they have the ability to affect the way the general public understands, discusses, and thinks about obesity.

Brochures and Guides

The OAC has a wide variety of brochures and guides on obesity and related topics. Each of the OAC’s brochures offers something different, and you’ll find that each of these materials are able to be downloaded and printed for you to view or distribute. Our brochures are perfect for:

• Self-help
• Presentations
• Community outreach
• and so much more!

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Image Gallery

In an effort to change the way obesity is viewed and portrayed, the OAC created our very own stock photo Image Gallery. The OAC was tired of the negative way that people with obesity were portrayed in images found in the media, in healthcare presentations and other outlets. With this, we created the OAC Image Gallery to provide a helpful resource for individuals to go to for stigma-free and bias-free imagery. View Our Image Gallery!The OAC Image Gallery has more than 500 photos available for free, for non-commercial use! You’ll just need to agree to our terms of use before viewing and downloading, and you can do this by clicking the link below.

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We hope you’ll take advantage of all of our educational offerings and share them with others as a great resource!