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OAC Image Gallery Terms of Use

Thank you for accessing the Obesity Action Coalition’s image gallery! The purpose of this gallery is to help refocus the perception of obesity, and change the perception of individuals affected by this chronic disease.

Often times, weight bias can be portrayed in the media with the use of inappropriate imagery. Publishing incorrect representations of obesity or biased imagery can cause a lot of hurt and damage. The goal of this imagery gallery is to avoid doing that with providing everyone free and appropriate imagery.

All images are free to use, but we ask that you agree to these Terms of Use and follow our Media Guidelines for Obesity.

Terms of Use

  1. The Obesity Action Coalition (the “OAC”) owns and retains the copyrights to all images in the gallery. No copyright license is granted to the user, other than the right to reproduce the images. Any time you use an OAC image, please credit the OAC in the following way: © Obesity Action Coalition.
  2. Prohibited Uses: 
    • You may not redistribute or sell the images at any time. Copying or forwarding the OAC’s images without agreeing to the Terms of Use is a breach of copyright law and is forbidden. If you wish to share our imagery, please share the link to our gallery for others to access that way.
    • Do not alter the original images. You may resize the images to fit into a design.
    • Commercial use of these images is prohibited. Commercial use includes, but is not limited to the following: using the images for retail items or materials intended for sale (such as books, calendars or postcards); adding them to the packaging or in promotion of products intended for sale; including the images in advertising materials or campaigns for a for-profit business.
  3. All images are approved to download and reproduce for the following purposes:
    • Print, television or digital media reporting;
    • Non-commercial promotional materials (such as brochures for nonprofit or community programs);
    • Research and scientific purposes;
    • Educational purposes and materials;
    • Presentations to the public, policy makers, healthcare professionals, etc.
  4. Any use that promotes weight bias or is harmful to the individuals in the photos is strictly forbidden. You agree to abide by the Media Guidelines for Obesity when using these photos.

Completing the information form below acts as your agreement to the Terms of Use – you will be redirected to the gallery after filling-out the below form: