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Personal Stories

Real People. Personal Stories.

It’s important for people affected by obesity to know they are not alone. The OAC strives to collect and share real-life stories from people in our Community who likely have similar experiences, concerns and journeys as you do. These stories are meant to support, encourage, inspire, and raise awareness of the diverse experiences that people with obesity face. They are also an important way of humanizing obesity and reminding others that individuals affected are not just statistics, but real people.

Hear from Others

Below, you will find two collections of personal stories from people in OAC’s Community: video stories and written stories. Both collections feature powerful stories about navigating life with obesity, facing weight stigma and more. We encourage you to view these stories if you are looking for support for your journey or want to learn more about people in OAC’s Community.

Video Stories

The OAC has a Video Library of stories featured on our Weight of the World video collection platform. The Weight of the World initiative is designed to share visual stories in a safe and welcoming virtual space that feature real, honest perspectives and experiences of individuals on their journey with weight.

Click here to view stories in the Video Library. (Note: The Video Library is only accessible with an OAC online account. If you do not have an online account, click here to set one up.) To submit your own video story, Click here.

Written Stories

The OAC also features written stories that we leverage in a supportive capacity and to humanize obesity. These stories ae written by OAC Community Members as a form of self-expression and a way to support others, raise awareness and inspire action.

Click here to view our archive of written stories. Do you want to submit your story? Click here to go to our story submission form.