Are you interested in taking action to help the OAC make a difference? You’ve come to the right place! There are many ways you can support the OAC’s cause and join us in our mission to make the world a better place for individuals affected by the disease of obesity.

Below, you will find a breakdown of what you need to know to get started with taking action as well as resources and tools you can use in your efforts. Taking action doesn’t have to be hard, intimidating or time consuming. With all the different opportunities available to you, making a difference can be as quick, and easy as you want it to be!


What is Action?
Action is doing anything that moves the OAC’s efforts forward in any of our 4 key areas:



Sharing quality, unbiased and science-based information to help others understand the disease of obesity and make informed health decisions.



Raising awareness of obesity as a complex, chronic disease that is influenced by different factors and is not a character flaw or failure.



Standing up for the rights of individuals affected by obesity and ensuring that their voices are always heard and represented.



Helping people affected by obesity by listening to, encouraging and empowering them in their health journeys.


What Issues Need Attention?

Various people taking OAC ActionThe OAC is envisions a better world for people affected by obesity where many current challenges are reduced or eliminated. These issues include pervasive weight bias and stigma, limited access to obesity healthcare and science-based treatment options, and a general lack of understanding around obesity.

Here are some resources that can help you learn more about what the OAC fights for:


Ready to Take Action? Start Here!

Advocacy 101 title cardThe OAC has created an online video training series – Advocacy 101: All the Ways You Can Make a Difference – to walk you through the basics of advocacy and how to get started. This 8-part video series explores themes like how to tell your personal story, drive legislative change, share OAC education and resources, tackle key issues in obesity and more. You can start, stop and move through the series in your own order and at your own pace.
Click here to view the series and get started!


Action Resource Toolbox

These are helpful resources to have on hand!


Contact Us

If you still have questions about taking action or getting involved with key advocacy issues, please email us here.