The word “advocacy” can seem a bit intimidating, but when you think about it, we’re all advocates for something! Simply put, an advocate is someone who speaks- up for change in hopes that they can improve the world in which they live.

The OAC Community provides a place where members can come and get a variety of advocacy tools to help in your efforts to get more involved in advocacy, however small or large they may be. Below, you will find various tools to help you become a fierce advocate for change! In choosing any of these advocacy tools, always remember, that YOUR voice matters!

Fighting for Access to Care

Get trained as an advocate!

Obesity currently impacts more than two-thirds of Americans nationwide and unfortunately, many of these individuals still find themselves severely limited when trying to access evidence-based obesity care. This prevents them from gaining crucial, and sometimes life-saving treatments, procedures and medications.

Our community is made up of individuals that believe no matter your weight, size, or economic status, you should have access to science-based treatment and comprehensive care to improve your quality of health and life. We are constantly working to remove the insurance, policy, and perceptual and societal barriers that prevent people from seeking and getting the treatment they need. Fighting for access is something that requires a great collection of voices and an immense amount of action, and we can’t do it without YOU.

Access to Care Resources

We are constantly trying to break down barriers to accessing obesity care and treatment – knowledge barriers, coverage barriers, transportation barriers and other various factors that prevent individuals from accessing treatment. Our Access to Care Resources were developed to help explain the issues and barriers of seeking care, give you tools to educate decision makers, and bring awareness to this problem. To learn more and view our Access to Care Resources, please click the below links.

OAC Insurace Guide: A Guide to Seeking Weight-loss Surgery

State Fact Sheets

Coverage Fact Sheets

Fighting Weight Bias

Join us in our fight for weight bias.We understand people affected by obesity often times not only deal with managing their weight and health, but also have to deal with the negative stigma that goes along with the perception of obesity. Weight bias is a major issue and is the last socially acceptable form of discrimination in our society. We must change this!

Weight Bias Resources

If you have been a victim of obesity stigma, you are not alone. Our community offers resources that aim to help you overcome obesity stigma and show you how to use your voice to change the way people with obesity are treated and understood. Take a look at our Weight Bias Resources available below:

Understanding Obesity Stigma Brochure
Weight stigma plays a role in everyday life, including work, school and healthcare settings. Throughout this brochure, we will discuss the many forms of stigma and provide readers with options for dealing with stigma and ways to educate others.


Media Guidelines
The media is an influential source of information about obesity and shapes public understanding and attitudes about this important health issue. In an effort to educate media representatives on how to appropriately discuss the disease of obesity in the media, we’ve developed the “Guidelines for Media Portrayals of Individuals Affected by Obesity.”


People-first One-pager
Obesity impacts real individuals, and these individuals are not their disease. They are people-first. The OAC is encouraging all media, bloggers and others to utilize People-first language in their writings. By utilizing People-first language, we can further eradicate weight bias and stigma.