Signs, Symptoms and Forms of Post-operative Addiction

June 22nd at 7 PM EST
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There is much confusion around medications to treat obesity. We all have questions like, “Isn’t taking medications to treat obesity the easy way out?” or “Won’t I regain weight if I stop taking the medication?” In this OAC Health Talk, Dr. Nisha Patel, a physician in the field of obesity, culinary medicine, and clinical lipidology, will help you separate fact from fiction by breaking down common myths and misconceptions about anti-obesity medications.

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Katherine H. Saunders

Nisha Patel, MD, MS, Dipl of ABOM, CCMS

Dr. Nisha Patel is a highly skilled and accomplished physician in the field of obesity, culinary medicine, and clinical lipidology. She currently serves as the Director of the NAFLD Weight Management Program at CPMC in San Francisco and is also a transplant hospitalist. With a background in medical school at the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and Internal Medicine residency at the University of California in San Diego, Dr. Patel combines her expertise in medicine and nutrition with her passion for culinary literacy to empower her patients with the tools to make sustainable, lifelong healthy eating habits. Dr. Patel is a frequent speaker and presenter, sharing her knowledge and expertise with physician colleagues, medical trainees, and the general public. She also maintains an active social media presence on Instagram and Twitter, where she continues to inspire and educate on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in healthcare.

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