Learn about Childhood/Adolescent Obesity

About Childhood/Adolescent Obesity

Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States. It affects more than 18% of children, making it the most common chronic disease of childhood.

Obesity in children and adolescents should be taken just as seriously as adult obesity. Obesity can affect children into adulthood and can negatively impact their physical and mental health.

With more and more children being diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and other obesity-related conditions associated with obesity, it’s important to know the complex physiological, environmental, and socioeconomic causes of childhood obesity. Some of those are:

  • Environment
  • Dietary patterns
  • Genetics
  • Health conditions
  • Health disparities
  • High amounts of stress
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Not getting enough good-quality sleep
  • Medicines
  • Socioeconomic Status

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