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The OAC Shows Support for Obesity Care Week’s Obesity Treatment and Prevention Day by Highlighting Helpful Resources and Creating Informative Video
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on March 2, 2021

March 2nd – Obesity is a life-long disease needing comprehensive life-long healthcare. It’s important that everyone who is affected by obesity is given the option to receive fair and proper healthcare. There are healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of obesity, obesity medicine specialists, that can provide patients with the tools and resources for long
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The OAC Highlights New Stop Weight Bias Campaign While Advocating for Obesity Care Week’s Weight Bias Day
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on March 1, 2021

March 1st – Weight bias is negative attitudes, beliefs, judgments, stereotypes, and discriminatory acts aimed at individuals simply because of their weight. Bias can occur in all areas of life such as, school, healthcare, the workplace and even among family and friends. It also takes many forms – verbal, written, media, online and more. Weight
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in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on February 28, 2021

Tampa, Fla. – Sunday, February 28th, marks the beginning of Obesity Care Week (OCW) 2021, an awareness campaign week aimed at changing the way we care about obesity by providing science and clinically-based education on obesity and advocating for access to affordable and comprehensive care. OCW has always focused on taking action and educating people
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Join the OAC on Wednesday, February 17th For Our Monthly Broadcast: Dear Insurance Provider…Your Weight Bias is Showing!
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom on February 16, 2021

Have you ever struggled to receive obesity treatment, whether it was due to little or no insurance coverage or issues with an employer or healthcare provider? If not you, what about a family member, friend, or co-worker? This is a common issue for many people living with obesity because weight bias can be found all
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OAC Set to Take the Your Weight Matters Convention Virtual for 2021
in News Releases on February 12, 2021

Tampa, Fla. – Given the continued concern around the impact of Covid-19 and people with obesity, along with the uncertainties surrounding travel-related activities, we have made the prudent decision to once again go virtual for our 2021 National Convention. We will host this year’s meeting – YWM2021- VIRTUAL – July 17 – July 25. Our schedule will include
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Join the OAC on Wednesday, January 20th at 3:00 pm EST via Facebook LIVE for our first monthly broadcast of the new year: Taking Charge of 2021!
in 2021 News Releases, News Releases, OAC Newsroom on January 19, 2021

The OAC is so excited to ring in the new year with an exciting new broadcast! This episode will set the stage for a year full of ACTION and show you some of the big projects that the OAC is working on in the background. We’ll also bring on former OAC National Board Member Holly
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Medical Professionals Tampa Bay Magazine Features Article Written by OAC’s VP of Marketing and Communications, James Zervios
in News Releases, OAC Newsroom, Uncategorized on January 14, 2021

In the January 2021 issue of Medical Professionals Tampa Bay magazine will be featuring an article about weight bias in healthcare titled “Obesity Action Coalition (OAC): Changing the World for People With Obesity.” This article was written by OAC’s VP of Marketing and Communications, James Zervios, and discusses the harmful impact of weight bias in
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in News Releases on January 12, 2021

Tampa, Fla. – The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has launched a new national public awareness campaign, titled “Stop Weight Bias” in an effort to raise awareness about the negative impact of weight bias from childhood to adulthood and highlight the areas of life where people affected by obesity face weight bias the most, such as
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Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Welcomes Patricia Nece, JD, as New Chairwoman of the OAC National Board of Directors
in 2021 News Releases, News Releases, OAC Newsroom on January 6, 2021

Tampa, Fla. – The OAC is honored to welcome Patricia Nece, JD, as Chairwoman of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). Ms. Nece has been a long time member of the OAC and served as Vice-Chairwoman of the Board and Chair of the OAC Weight Bias Committee for the past two years. She was also the recipient of
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