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How to Make an Impact

How to Make an Impact

Your involvement in our mission is what powers our impact. The OAC relies on supporters like you to help us change the perception of obesity and its related issues – issues like weight stigma, limited access to care and a general lack of understanding of obesity as a disease. We can’t do these things without you!

You have the power to make an impact and help us build a better world on all fronts for people affected by the disease of obesity. Making an impact takes many forms – from helping the OAC with awareness efforts to sharing your story or writing legislators. Here are just some of the ways you can make an impact and foster change.

Take Action

Visit the OAC Action Center to report and take action on a variety of current issues in weight bias, access to care and obesity policy. You can also check-out our list of “Ongoing Actions” for ways you can help move the OAC’s mission forward year-round.

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Share Your Story

Sharing your story about your experience with obesity helps others understand that it is a complex and chronic disease. Whether you are living with obesity, provide for someone with obesity or are a healthcare provider, your story is a powerful way to humanize our cause and raise awareness. It is also one way to support and empower others who may be struggling.

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Share OAC Education

There is a lot of misinformation out there about obesity, and stigma can prevent others from understanding obesity as a disease. The OAC provides bias-free and science-based education about obesity, its treatments and more. You can share these resources online or order print copies to share in your local community.

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Use Social Media to Advocate

Social media is a power tool for driving awareness and reaching out to others about key issues in obesity. You can share the OAC’s social media posts to spread the word or make your own posts and include the hashtag #OACAction. The OAC is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Donate and Give Back

When you make a donation or become a monthly donor, you are helping to advance OAC education, strengthen our fight to eliminate weight bias and increase access to care, provide support to individuals on their health journeys, and raise awareness through National campaigns focused on creating conversations around key issues.

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Advocate on Your Own

Are you interested in getting creative and doing your own forms of advocacy? Advocacy is simply doing any activity that supports a specific cause or policy. Check-out our Advocacy Resources for a list of tools to help you. We also have “Ongoing Action” ideas in the OAC Action Center. Not sure how to get started with becoming an advocate? Check out our online training series!

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