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Your Weight Matters Convention


OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention has stood strong as the nation’s leading conference dedicated to bringing together individuals concerned about their weight and health to learn science-based strategies from the country’s leading experts. Since 2012, OAC’s Convention has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals by offering top-notch education on proven strategies and tools in weight management, practical tips that can be used in everyday life, and a place to connect in a powerful Community of support.

While the purpose and vision of OAC’s Convention has remained unchanged, what has changed is the way we connect with and deliver an immersive educational experience while we continue to navigate a global pandemic. Taking our Convention virtual for the past three years provided the OAC a unique opportunity to expand our reach. What’s clear is that the need for access to quality, science-based education has never been more critical, but we also recognize that members of OAC’s Community want to connect in person to dive deeper into education and advocacy.

With this, we are proud to announce that OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention now offers two separate events – YWM-Virtual (online) and YWM-Engage (in-person) – designed to meet the needs of our diverse Community.

The OAC hopes you will learn more about our Convention events and take advantage of opportunities for Education, Connection and Action! For more information on the Your Weight Matters Convention, visit, and stay tuned for details on YWM2023 Convention events!

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