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Bariatric Surgery
Explore the “need to knows” about this science-based obesity treatment option and what factors matter to your health post-surgery.
110 videos
Learn about the various ways your body responds to movement and how you can effectively incorporate more activity into your daily life.
98 videos
Family/Childhood Strategies
Recognize and address factors that affect your family’s health and explore ways to get everybody on-board with healthy habits.
68 videos
1 video
Food Addiction
Learn what factors drive food addiction, how your brain responds to food and how to manage the emotional roller-coaster for healthy living.
20 videos
Mental Health and Wellness
Discover the powerful role your mind plays in weight management and how to reign in your thoughts and emotions for lasting success.
213 videos
Nutrition Strategies
Explore current nutrition trends and get tips and tools for crafting a plan that that will match your needs and preferences.
192 videos
Science of Obesity
Learn about the various factors that drive obesity as a complex disease and how these factors affect weight management.
143 videos
Weight Management Strategies
Discover different tools and approaches for managing your weight successfully at every stage in your health journey.
212 videos
Weight Regain
Learn about why weight regain happens, how you can prevent it and what resources and tools are available to you.
23 videos