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Home Workouts that Don’t Require Gym Equipment

With precautions around social distancing, many of us are finding that keeping up a normal routine can be challenging. This may be especially true if you’re used to going to the gym for your workouts.

The good news is that there is a lot of creativity to be found in exercise. Thankfully, you don’t need fancy gym equipment to move and challenge your body. There are many workouts you can do right from home that will not only help you keep up healthy habits, but may also help you manage stress.

Working out at home can…

  • Be as easy or hard as we make it
  • Be done in your living room, porch, office or even outside
  • Use little to no equipment
  • Challenge muscles in every area

Today’s Resource:

Though this article is about exercising at home while on a budget, it also applies to this time of social distancing. Instead of going to the gym, use the tips and tricks suggested to create your own effective workout in your living room, garage, porch, etc.

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