During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19, OAC is committed to sharing helpful resources and support as they relate to your health and wellbeing. We’re here with a new resource every day to encourage and equip you in your wellness journey. Click Here for OAC’s response to COVID-19 on our Blog. 

Support and Community

Connect with other members in the OAC Community Discussion ForumDuring these days of “social distancing,” it can be challenging to stay at home and limit your outside interactions. The issue affects support groups that meet regularly, counseling sessions, schools, workplaces, basic social outings and more.

If you are struggling to keep up with your health and wellness, the effects of social distancing can hit especially hard. OAC understands this. That is why we are encouraging you to make use of our Community Discussion Forum. This is a great resource to stay connected and express yourself during these uncertain times.

You can visit the Discussion Forum at Forum.ObesityAction.org.

Examples of how to use OAC’s Discussion Forum:

  • Share what you are doing to keep up with healthy habits
  • Ask for support with mental health challenges
  • Share resources and tips that might help someone else
  • Share positive news, inspiration, encouragement and humor
  • Discuss fears, concerns, challenges and hopes
  • Maintain a sense of community

OAC’s Community Discussion Forum is a no-cost resource to those who have an account on the OAC website. If you have an account, Click Here to sign in and access the Forum. If you do not, Click Here to learn about connecting more with OAC.