Preview the story of twin sisters on their journeys accessing obesity careNearly 10 years ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama. The ACA aimed to make access to healthcare easier and less expensive for all Americans.

But as we know, healthcare isn’t a perfect system. There are obvious gaps affecting everyday people and the quality of their lives, even in circumstances that may astound you.

With National Obesity Care Week 2019 in full swing, and the anniversary of the ACA approaching, the OAC wants to show you how varied comprehensive obesity care coverage is across America.

We start by previewing the lives of twin sisters and their journeys with bariatric surgery. Their story shows us just how different insurance coverage and access to obesity care can be – even when the only difference is their zip code.

Two of a Kind 

Meg and Jill grew up in Massachusetts and were affected by obesity their entire lives. They took jobs with the same employer and did well in their respective positions. In 2015, they both chose to move from Massachusetts to Kentucky when their employer expanded its operations.

While Meg found love in Kentucky and got married, Jill was homesick for the beaches of New England and decided to return home to Massachusetts.

This is the point where their stories diverge…

Full Story Coming Soon!

Their story will make you wonder… why do some state insurance exchanges cover bariatric surgery while others do not? Especially when bariatric surgery is a scientifically-proven treatment for obesity?

Meg and Jill share their complete and powerful story in the Fall issue of OAC’s Weight Matters Magazine, which is available as a print benefit for OAC Community Members. To join the OAC Community at NO COST, Click Here.

What You Can Do Right Now:  

National Obesity Care Week (NOCW) is happening now! The OAC is supporting this awareness campaign because it aims to improve access to obesity care, which we believe is a necessary step in supporting the 93 million Americans affected by obesity.

To Take Action this week and help improve access to care on your own, Click Here!