Why Does Access to Obesity Care Matter to HCP’s? Hear from an OAC Community Member

Hear a healthcare provider's perspective on access to obesity careDafina A. is a family medicine doctor who also practices obesity care. She stresses that obesity is a chronic disease associated with multiple health conditions. And yet, she faces many challenges in helping her patients manage these health risks.

Why? It comes down to Access to Care. Dafina has trouble getting insurance companies to approve services and treatments for her patients. It’s hard for her to do her job when she struggles to provide tools that can help. Not because she doesn’t know how, but because there’s something getting in the way.

Dafina shares her thoughts on access to care in this video. Advocates like her reinforce that effective obesity care is possible if only patients can get their hands on it. All of us (patients, healthcare providers, etc.) play a role in making this possible.

Here’s What You Can Do:

There are many ways to be an advocate for improved access to care. You can address your employer, health insurance company, or even lawmakers on Capitol Hill. Healthcare providers can do this too. Or, you can also take smaller steps like:

  • Sharing your personal story
  • Sharing education on obesity and its treatments
  • Taking Action with the OAC when we call on you