Obesity Care: What Happens When You Don’t Have it? Hear from an OAC Community Member

OAC Community Member Terri C. shares about her fight to win back coverage for bariatric surgery and services and obesity careWhen Terri learned that her employer-provided insurance plan had changed, bariatric surgery and services were no longer covered for obesity care. She knew she had to do something. Even though she already had bariatric surgery, Terri still needed access to follow-up care.

In this video, Terri shares about her fight to the top to win back coverage. Her efforts ultimately paid off,  reminding us that standing-up for access to care is always a worthy cause.

Stories like Terri’s inspire the OAC to stay in this fight every day with your help. Many people are not as fortunate in getting obesity care and treatment covered, but they are in desperate need of these services to manage their health.

We can change how people with obesity get access to healthcare, but we have to raise our voices together. Progress has been made in recognizing that obesity needs to be treated seriously, but with all of us advocating as one, access to care can become the norm.

Here’s What You Can Do:

There are many ways to be an advocate for improved access to care. You can address your employer, health insurance company, or even lawmakers on Capitol Hill. You can also take smaller steps like:

  • Sharing your personal story
  • Sharing education on obesity and its treatments
  • Taking Action with the OAC when we call on you