The OAC is proud to offer you one of our most popular resources: Weight Matters Magazine. It offers a variety of articles designed to educate readers on all topics concerning weight and health. This quarterly publication includes articles on a wide array of topics like nutrition, exercise, health and wellness, motivation, obesity treatments, OAC updates and more!

Hear from the experts and fellow OAC Community Members about topics that matter to you. Weight Matters Magazine is a valuable tool that anyone can use in their health journey.

Current Issue of Weight Matters Magazine

With the new year here and the weather being colder than ever, it’s the perfect time to get yourself and your kids back on track! Luckily, the Weight Matters Magazine is here to help you stay healthy during the winter season and help your kids thrive in a healthy routine.

This issue is full of a variety of articles that include healthy recipes, stories of internalized weight bias and stories about bariatric surgery. This is the perfect winter read, so be sure to download the issue below!

A Look Inside:

During this cold season, be sure to stay inside, bundle up and check out the Winter 2021 Weight Matters Magazine!

Our Winter issue is filled with powerful facts and stories about weight bias as well as some tips on managing your hunger levels after exercise. In this issue, we arm you with the facts about COVID-19 and how it can affect you while also sharing some tips and tricks on how to stay healthy during this winter season!

This issue also holds the official teaser for the new Stop Weight Bias Campaign and some upcoming details about Obesity Care week (OCW) 2021!

Click here to download the current issue.

Take a look at the below links for articles featured in the current issue of Weight Matters Magazine:

Past Weight Matters Magazine Issues (Premium Access Resource)

We’ve made past issues of the Weight Matters Magazine available online. Our magazine archive consists of more than 500 articles that contain quality education on obesity, nutrition, exercise, support and more. Click below to access past magazine articles as a premium level resource.

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