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Weight Bias in the Media: Community Member Pamela Jones Speaks Out
in OAC Blog on May 13, 2019

OAC Community Member Pamela Jones, a civil rights lawyer, tells us why she signed OAC’s recent letter to NBC officials after a stigmatizing episode of ‘The Tonight Show.’ Hear Pamela’s words of wisdom and take action this May to help OAC educate the media on how to appropriately represent obesity!

YWM2019: What to Expect from a Guy Who’s Been There
in OAC Blog on May 10, 2019

Active OAC Community Member, Board Member and volunteer Rob Portinga takes a hike in the woods while telling you what’s so amazing about YWM2019. Don’t miss out on the nation’s leading weight and health education to rejuvenate your health journey! Register now before Early-bird discounts end May 31!