Welcome to the OAC Chairman's Council!The OAC is honored to once again welcome two returning members to our Chairman’s Council, the highest level of OAC Membership: Rhythm Pharmaceuticals and Livliga!

About Rhythm and Livliga

First, we’d like to recognize Rhythm Pharmaceuticals for their consistent support and for renewing at the BRONZE level of our Chairman’s Council. An innovative industry leader in obesity research and treatment as they relate to rare genetic disorders of obesity, Rhythm is dedicated to transforming patient care for many who struggle with this disease.

We would also like to recognize Livliga for their continued support of the OAC and for renewing at the PATRON level of our Chairman’s Council.  A mindfulness-based portion control system for healthy eating, Livliga helps consumers create a healthy food environment using right-size tableware to develop food habits that are easy to stick to, fun and balanced.

Why OAC’s Chairman’s Council?

The OAC is honored to have renewed support from both Rhythm and Livliga on our Chairman’s Council, as we strive to partner with leaders in the industry who share in the same necessary belief: providing education, care, treatment and support for people struggling with obesity. We know that collaboration, research, partnerships and joint awareness efforts all help make this possible.

The OAC welcomes ANY individual, organization or company who wishes to join our highest level of OAC Membership! Our Chairman’s Council is an excellent way to give back to the OAC’s cause and play an integral role in both serving and advocating for individuals affected by obesity.

To learn more about OAC’s Chairman’s Council, CLICK HERE.