Do you part in amplifying World Obesity Day and making a differenceToday (March 4th) is World Obesity Day, also taking place during the high momentum of Obesity Care Week. 

World Obesity Day (WOD) is a global effort aiming to change the narrative of obesity around the world. Rather than blame and shame people for having obesity, this awareness day encourages us to consider all the root causes of obesity: genetic, psychological, socio-cultural, economic and environmental.

In order to really address obesity, we need to take all this into consideration and come up with comprehensive solutions for prevention and treatment.

World Obesity Day 2020 Declaration

In recognition of WOD2020, obesity-focused organizations around the world (including OAC) have sent a joint Declaration to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) calling for a global response to obesity.  Among other key issues, the Declaration urges W.H.O. to:

  • Recognize obesity as a chronic disease
  • Focus on research and understanding
  • Invest in science-based solutions and treatment options
  • Make obesity care and treatment accessible
  • Strengthen health systems
  • Address all of obesity’s root causes

You can read more about the Declaration by visiting

Help Make a Difference | What You Can Do

Taking Action is easy! We have already created this letter for you in the OAC Action Center. All you have to do is include some additional information about yourself and click “Send!”