The OAC is proud to welcome MelliCell as a new member of the Chairman’s Council. Mellicell recently joined the Council at the Patron level and is pleased to support the work of the OAC and patients. MelliCell is a biotechnology company founded in 2020 to cure obesity and type 2 diabetes. MelliCell uses proprietary technology to recreate human fat cells and test therapies for the diseases. To learn more about MelliCell, please visit 

About OAC’s Chairman’s Council

The OAC is excited to welcome MelliCell as its newest member of the Council. The Chairman’s Council is OAC’s corporate level of membership and invites companies and individuals to join this prestigious group and show their public support of the OAC and patients. OAC’s Chairman’s Council is an integral way to give back to our cause and plays a key role in making the world a better place for people with obesity.

To learn more about OAC’s Chairman’s Council, please visit