Just last month, the OAC hosted our 10th Annual Your Weight Matters Convention on a virtual platform: YWM2021-VIRTUAL. As we continue to read all the positive comments and feedback, we are inspired by the clear impact it had on our community.

Many of you have shared how much you look forward to this event each year and rely on it to reinvigorate your health. So, for those who still haven’t attended, we thought we’d catch up with someone who’s been to all 10 meetings and is ready for YWM2022 in Las Vegas!

Meet Diana Lyn

Diana Lyn: Experiences from OAC's Annual Convention
Diana Lyn

Diana is a long-time Your Weight Matters Convention attendee who hasn’t missed a meeting YET, whether in-person or virtual! We did a quick Q&A with her to learn what she loves about attending and why this event is so memorable. Here’s what she said.

What compelled you to register for YWM2021-VIRTUAL and makes you return each year?

I am compelled to register for OAC’s Annual Convention each year because I have always received excellent information regarding my disease. The information helps me manage my obesity. I also attend so I can connect with all the friends I’ve made over the years!

Can you share about your experience in the last 10 years coming to our meeting? What have you gotten out of it and what aspect has been the most memorable?

My Convention experience has always been positive. I enjoy learning and listening to the educational sessions. However, the personal connections and information I receive from getting to know other OAC attendees and OAC Members is also key. And I love the fun costume parties with all the dancing that have been hosted at previous in-person events. Dancing is something I never get to do!

What is something you learned at this year’s Convention? What is one of your biggest takeaways from past Conventions? 

At one of the Conventions, I remember the discussion on scientific research conducted on sugar addiction with rats. It stays in my mind. Those rats get zapped and keep going for the sugar. The session explained a lot about the science behind obesity and food addiction. This year, I really liked the session titled, “Beyond Weight-loss: Exercise for Your Health and Wellbeing.”

How would you describe the community that comes alive at YWM Conventions? 

Amazing and uplifting!

Why do you think this is an event that someone should attend if they are on the journey with weight and health?

This is an event where you can continue to learn new information on weight and health while staying connected to people who have similar struggles. The YWM Convention helps me reinvigorate my health each year and prioritize myself and my goals. It’s got everything – education, community and empowerment!

Future Meetings

For more information about the Your Weight Matters Convention and attending YWM2022 next year in Las Vegas, visit YWMConvention.com.