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OAC Launches NEW Community- Be a Part of it!

by Mckinzie Step, OAC’s Community Outreach Engagement Specialist

Summer 2018

At the heart of the OAC, you will find people. Every day, individuals affected by obesity face numerous challenges – from those in their personal health journeys to larger scale issues with weight bias and access to medical care. These people and their stories have not only built our voice as an organization, but have inspired our vision for a stronger future!

With that said, we know that there has never been a more crucial time to unite individuals affected by obesity through ongoing education, advocacy and support. Connections are important. People engaging with people… it’s a simple but powerful concept! Our past has shown us the tremendous impact that connections can have, and our future challenges us to do more together.

It is with great excitement that the OAC has reaffirmed its commitment to changing the world for people living with obesity through the launch of our NEW Community!

The OAC’s Membership has Transformed… What Does this Mean?

The needs our members face, as well as the needs of all people affected by obesity, continue to grow and change. This very fact challenged us to re-think the way we “do” membership and grow our organizational voice as well as our impact. To do this, we completely redesigned our membership model to be more inclusive, integrated and accessible for those who want to be connected and involved with what we do. That’s how the new OAC Community was born!

What has Changed with the Launch of the New OAC Community?

Now more than ever before, it is easy to access high-quality weight and health education, support for your weight management journey, meaningful connections with other people and opportunities to engage with the OAC. We have removed significant barriers to traditional OAC membership to welcome anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of what we do. This includes a no-cost entry point and no cost to stay connected with us. Once you’re an OAC Community Member, you remain one!

What IS the New OAC Community?

Keeping our new membership model in mind, the OAC’s new Community is a group of diverse individuals who are interested in connecting more with their health, with each other and ultimately changing the world for ALL people living with obesity. It’s every single one of us! Through ongoing connections, the OAC Community is dedicated to providing active, meaningful opportunities to:

  • Get Educated on the latest evidence-based information about obesity
  • Find Support through ongoing education about weight and health
  • Connect with others who share similar concerns and journeys
  • Take Action to help the OAC make a difference for people with obesity
What if I Was Already an OAC Member?

If you find yourself asking, “What happened to the OAC membership
for which I have paid?” don’t worry.

You won’t notice any changes – only added value! We’ve automatically transitioned you into the new OAC Community with welcoming arms – all you have to do is stay connected!

The Story Behind Our NEW Community Logo

Have you noticed the new OAC Community logo floating around?

We’ve stamped our commitment to people because people remain at the heart of what we do!

The pieces of the spinning wheel are drawn from the arcs of the OAC’s traditional logo and represent all of our Community members joined together. We believe that giving people the education and support they want will equip them with the tools they need to make a difference in the world for people living with obesity. By coming together as a Community, the pieces of the wheel continue to spin. That’s how we continue moving, growing and driving change!

What You Can Expect as an OAC Community Member

The OAC’s Community offers a more enriching member experience than we’ve ever offered before. Our new structure allows people to explore their interests, discover their passions and engage with the OAC in a more organized and easier format!
See below for just a handful of our exciting new updates.

  • An Immersive Experience
  • Exclusive Features
  • A True Community – Built of people from all backgrounds, circumstances and experiences
  • No-cost Entry – Anyone can be a part of the OAC Community at NO cost, as there are no fees to join and no fees to remain connected
  • Improved Communication – To keep you connected and updated in a more timely fashion
  • NEW OAC Community ENGAGE Platform – A central, online space where ongoing education, connection and action opportunities live. It’s your own Community “hub” you can visit all the time!
  • Greater Knowledge and Support – To keep you grounded on your weight management journey with information to help you make the best decisions for your health
  • Weight of the World Story-sharing Platform – A platform that connects individuals through powerful story-telling while providing support and amplifying the voices of individuals affected by obesity
  • Stronger Connections – Get to know other members, hear their stories and build lifelong friendships online or in-person
  • Obesity Care Provider Locator – An online tool to help you take the next step in your health journey and search for a qualified healthcare provider who deals specifically with weight management
  • Story-sharing Opportunities – Share your personal story with the OAC and with others to help inspire, encourage and ignite change
  • OAC Action Center – A dynamic, central location where you can go to take action on issues that matter to you and help the OAC grow its impact

With the launch of the OAC’s new Community, we can’t wait to get to know our Community members in a more impactful way.  Are you ready to explore all the exciting changes for yourself?

  1. Visit to catch a glimpse at our brand new website as well as the OAC Community ENGAGE Platform – or in other words, your Community “home!”
  2. Take a look around, see what piques your interest and dive right in! It’s that simple. Your OAC Community experience is what you make
  3.  Like what you see? Spread the word and invite others to join the OAC Community too! Share the news with your friends, family, personal connections and social media channels.

Not yet a member of the OAC Community? We invite you to be a part of it all!

Visit: to get started.

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