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Welcome New Board of Directors Members 2024

The OAC is honored to welcome three new members to the OAC National Board of Directors. Jason Krynicki, Michele Tedder, and Linda Shapiro Manning, MD, PhD, bring their personal experience and dedication to improving the lives of people living with obesity and join the Board in directing the OAC and its activities, setting long-term goals for the association and ensuring that all programs and initiatives are in the interest of individuals affected by obesity.

Jason Krynicki, from New Jersey, plays a crucial role in the Bariatric multi-disciplinary team at New Jersey’s Community Medical Center and extends support to its sister program at Monmouth Medical Center. He is a passionate advocate for obesity-related health and equality issues, having successfully initiated Obesity Care Week in the State Legislature of New Jersey. As a patient, Jason works towards obtaining Medicaid coverage for weight management drugs in collaboration with the state. Additionally, as a member of the Obesity Action Coalition, he contributes his time and energy to promoting public education, ensuring equality and integrity, and supporting marginalized members of society.

Michele Tedder, a proud OAC member since 2019, discovered the organization while seeking post-bariatric surgery support in 2017. Drawing from her lifelong struggle with weight, Michele advocates for comprehensive and equitable obesity care. A sought-after speaker and expert, she addresses issues impacting access to obesity care. Michele serves as a Senior Program Manager at the Black Women’s Health Imperative and is the Founder of Village Empowerment Solutions, a consulting business dedicated to improving health outcomes for those with obesity and chronic diseases that will enhance health outcomes for people living with obesity and other chronic diseases.

Linda Shapiro Manning, MD, PhD, has dedicated her career to advancing the understanding and treatment of obesity. With over a decade of clinical practice, she brings the voices of over 5,000 patients into her work in the pharma/biotech industry and committees of The Obesity Society and the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Linda’s commitment and advocacy have raised awareness, reduced stigma, developed new treatments, and fostered inclusivity in bringing obesity discussions into the mainstream.

“The OAC’s legacy lies in its ability to adapt, evolve, and stay at the forefront of driving positive change for people affected by obesity. With Jason, Michele, and Dr. Shapiro Manning’s unique insights and expertise, we are strengthening our organization and making the world a better place for people with obesity. Together, we look forward to another year of groundbreaking achievements, leading the charge for education, advocacy, and support in the realm of obesity care,” said Kristal Hartman, OAC Chair.

The OAC would also like to recognize returning Board Member Debe Gau, who is renewing her term in 2024. Debe has been an active OAC Member for more than ten years. She has served as an advocate and patient educator in a bariatric practice, using OAC resources for patients and providers interested in obesity treatment. Personally affected by obesity, Debe underwent bariatric surgery in 2001 and is passionate about sharing her 22 years of post-weight-loss surgery experience to support others in achieving healthier goals.

As a nonprofit organization, the OAC is governed under the authority of a National Board of Directors. All members of the OAC’s National Board are volunteers. The 2024 OAC National Board of Directors are as follows: Kristal Hartman, OAC Chair; Patty Nece, JD, Immediate-past OAC Chair; Nikki Massie, MA, Secretary; Anh-Vu Pham, Treasurer; Sarah Bramblette, MSHL; Nina Crowley, PhD, RDN, LD; Sunil Daniel, MD, FTOS; Scott Kahan, MD; Robyn Pashby, PhD; Elizabeth Paul; Melinda J. Watman, BSN, MSN, CNM, MBA.

The 2024 Board of Directors’ slate was presented to OAC membership in November 2023. We invited our members to review the slate and submit their own candidates if desired. The OAC received full support of the slate, and we now welcome these individuals to the Board.

For more information on the OAC National Board of Directors, please visit

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