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It’s Time to Stop Weight Bias: Are You Ready to Be Part of the Solution?

Spring 2021

January of this year marked an important stepping stone for the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). On January 12th, we launched the Stop Weight Bias Campaign with the commitment to raise awareness, put a stop to weight bias and push equality forward.

Why did we launch a campaign on weight bias?
  • Did you know that 90% of U.S. adults say weight bias exists?
  • How about the fact that 42% of U.S. adults have experienced weight bias?

This campaign is the product of years of work, research, and more importantly, people and their stories. Our actions and words matter. Weight bias is harmful – and with this campaign, we hope to show all the reasons why we need to stop it while inviting everyone to become part of this movement.

The Stop Weight Bias Campaign spotlights different voices and stories while presenting facts about the harmful effects of weight bias and why we need to stop it. This awareness campaign has different components that enhance and highlight its importance, like an interactive website, radio and video Public Service Announcements (PSAs), social media and much more.

Since its launch, the Stop Weight Bias Campaign has created a new movement where people can learn, share and sign-up to become part of the solution to stop weight bias. We are excited to see this vision come to life and grateful for the support that it has received from thousands of people around the world wanting to learn more about weight bias and share their stories and our resources to educate others on this important issue.

#StopWeightBias Highlights
  • The Stop Weight Bias Campaign launched onJanuary 12th, 2021 through a special broadcast with more than one thousand views from more than 20 countries. It started a conversation on why this campaign was necessary, what it hoped to accomplish and how people could join this new movement.
  • To this date, this campaign is supported by 35 Champion organizations with different health focuses and from different countries, who also believe that it’s time to stop weight bias.
  • Since its inception, Stop Weight Bias has received more than one hundred mentions on social media, has generated more than five thousand social media interactions, and the official hashtags of this campaign – #StopWeightBias and #BePartoftheSolution – have been used more than one thousand times across social media platforms.

While the Stop Weight Bias Campaign had a strong start, there’s still more to be done and you can help us by becoming part of the solution. Here’s how:

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