#OACAction changes lives!This past week, you’ve learned the definition of #OACAction and the many reasons for why taking action is so important! That’s why OAC is calling on its entire Membership Community, as well as all of our supporters and followers, to join us in taking action as we work toward building a better world for people affected by obesity.

To demonstrate the power of taking action and to hit the ground running toward our long-term goals, OAC is celebrating Anytime Actions Week next week, Aug. 27 – 31! During that week, we’ll offer you a bounty of ideas and resources to help you take action in ways that are meaningful to you. Here’s a quick glimpse at what you can expect during Anytime Actions Week:

  • Monday, Aug. 27: Outreach Anytime Actions
  • Tuesday, Aug. 28: Healthcare Provider Anytime Actions
  • Wednesday, Aug. 29: Access to Care Anytime Actions
  • Thursday, Aug. 30: Weight Bias Anytime Actions
  • Friday, Aug. 31: Share how you took #OACAction!

Because anyone in any location can take action and make a difference no matter their skills, background or interests, we encourage all of our Community to participate! If you’re looking for easy, diverse ways to help OAC, make a difference for people with obesity and harness your unique passions, Anytime Actions Week is for you!

#OACAction: A Quick Recap

To help prepare for Anytime Actions Week, visit the OAC Community ENGAGE Platform for more information on #OACAction in detail! Here’s a summary of what we learned about #OACAction and the influence it has in our own lives but also on OAC’s mission:

  • #OACAction is any effort, of any size, that moves the work of OAC forward
  • #OACAction can be taken in a variety of ways, and all action makes a difference!
  • #OACAction helps eliminate weight bias and improve obesity policy.
  • #OACAction lets others know they aren’t alone.
  • #OACAction humanizes obesity and spreads awareness.
  • #OACAction empowers not only us, but others too.

Are you ready to get started? Take a peek at the video below to see how others in the OAC Community are already taking #OACAction. Then join us for Anytime Actions Week kicking off Monday, Aug. 27 and stay tuned for additional OAC updates in the meantime!