Taking #OACAction is amplified when we use our passions and join together
Passionate OAC supporters take action on Capitol Hill to support the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act,

There is power and unity that comes from using our passions to make a difference in this world. A quote that does a particularly good job at representing this power and potential inside of us is:

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” – Oprah Winfrey

One of the many wonderful things about OAC and its work is the wave of passionate Community members and supporters standing at the frontlines. Each one of us is different and we come from varying backgrounds. Many of us are personally affected by obesity ourselves, or we’ve struggled with weight at some point in our lives and can empathize deeply with OAC’s mission. Some of us are loved ones of people with obesity, while others are healthcare providers, policy makers or simply people who care.

Despite our differences, we are united through our experiences and OAC’s mission: to elevate and empower individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. Earlier in this #OACAction blog series, we talked about finding strength in numbers. Each one of us who takes action is helping to drive change on a grander level, because our efforts are amplified when combined.

Taking #OACAction is Personally Empowering

Taking #OACAction can be personally empoweringThough our actions make a difference for others, they also make a difference to us personally. Have you ever worked on a project or activity that challenged you, or one that you thoroughly enjoyed? Upon completion of that project or activity, what went through your mind? How did you feel?

Many of you will answer with, “fantastic!” That’s because we find happiness, strength and power in each of our actions that means something to us. If you are passionate about a certain issue that OAC cares about such as eliminating weight bias or improving access to healthcare for people with obesity, run with that passion and find different ways to take action in those specific arenas. Remember, actions of any size or scale make a difference.

You’ll likely find your actions to be personally empowering. Oftentimes, they remind us that there’s still so much work to be done to make the world a better place for all who live in it – and we’re doing our individual part. In our actions, we often find renewed motivation, greater understanding and newfound strength for raising our voices.

Taking #OACAction Influences What Others Think, Feel and Do

#OACAction influences how others think, feel and act
OAC supporters speak with a legislator about the importance of improving obesity policty

Beyond our own empowerment, action also influences the worldviews of other people – especially when we work alongside others! By taking action with OAC, you stand with people affected by obesity and let them know they’re not alone in their fight. You also help to make a difference in how obesity is perceived, understood, regarded and treated at a broader level.

Let’s examine just one example: social media influence. Taking #OACAction on social media can mean calling out weight bias in pictures or posts, sharing links to educational resources or asking your legislators to do something specific. There are many ways to use social media to the advantage of the issue you’re trying to tackle.

According to a 2014 study by the Congressional Management Foundation, fewer than 30 responses to a social media post by a member of Congress is enough to capture a staff person’s attention. Nearly half (45 percent) said their offices would pay attention after receiving between 10-30 comments on a post. Therefore, we know that any type of action – be it leaving comments, posting original messages, sharing messages, etc. leaves an impact.

The above example is just one representation of how any effort, big or small, contributes to change. Now, imagine when our efforts are joined by other people. We’re unstoppable!

Join OAC for Anytime Actions Week, Aug. 27 – 31!

Are you ready to take#OACAction? Join us for Anytime Actions Week taking place August 27 – 31! We’ll equip you with specific tools, ideas and resources you can use to take action as we encourage all OAC supporters to make a difference. Stay tuned to information about Anytime Actions Week by following OAC on social media, visiting the OAC Community ENGAGE Platform and checking your OAC Community member email!