Take #OACAction today!Many people think that in order to drive change, their actions have to be significant and sweeping. That’s not the case! There is so much you can do on a smaller, more scalable level.

Outreach actions are a great example – and good news! There are limitless possibilities for using outreach actions to help OAC create a better world for people with obesity. When it comes to taking #OACAction, outreach actions are one of many ways you can make a difference. These are efforts you can take in your very own community to help raise awareness of OAC, its mission and the necessary work we still must do for people with obesity.

While outreach action possibilities are endless, here are a couple examples of actions you can take at any time, any place to help make a difference:

  • Leave your old copies of Your Weight Matters Magazine in your hair salon, healthcare provider’s office, library, coffee shop or gym.
  • Visit five healthcare provider’s offices to leave OAC brochures and discuss OAC’s mission, vision and important work.
  • Take OAC information to local schools and universities (healthcare programs, behavioral health programs, social work programs, allied health programs).
  • Present to your support group or church, etc. and take a selfie with the group.
  • Offer to host an OAC booth at your community/local health fair.

Jump-in and take #OACAction!

Start taking #OACAction today! Pull from the short list above or come up with your own ideas to bring OAC’s mission to more people in your community. For helpful resources you can use to supplement your outreach actions, visit ObesityAction.org and start exploring. Almost anything on our website can be used to share with others!

After you take #OACAction, tell us! Post a picture or video of your action, or write a status that explains how you made a difference. Then, be sure to use the hashtag #OACAction so others can see what you’ve done. Thanks for your outreach!