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Does that Really Work? Deciphering Popular Weight-loss Trends

If more than two thirds of American adults have excess weight or obesity, and almost everyone is on a diet, do any of those diets actually help you lose weight?

Behavioral medicine researcher Molly Gee, MEd, RD, LD; and leading obesity medicine physician Robert Kushner, MD, walk you through the ins and outs of today’s trending diets for weight control in this webinar. Discover the tempting factors that drive their successes, what lifestyle changes will actually stick, and how to use credible resources to determine if a diet is safe and effective.

Presented at YWM2013

Overall, men have higher rates of overweight and obesity than women but are often less likely to…

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Did you know that stress can have an impact on weight? Many people increase their food intake…

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Post-operative addiction is often overly simplified as transfer addiction or cross-addiction, assuming individuals “trade” compulsive eating for…

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Comprehensive obesity care requires teaming up with a qualified and compassionate medical professional. Find the right healthcare provider to talk about your weight and health at

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