Please consider making a charitable gift to the OAC today!

Dear OAC Community Members,

With the holiday season in full swing, the spirit of giving is alive and well! It’s a time to give thanks for what we have and show love to anyone and everyone we can.

You may also have noticed that today, November 27th, is Giving Tuesday — the official “kick-off” to a warm and magical season of giving. How is the OAC getting in the spirit?

Real Change for Real People

The OAC is dedicated to giving people with obesity a better world through education, support and access to care. When you hear that 93 million people are affected by obesity in the U.S., it may be hard to see the real faces and stories behind this staggering statistic.

However, since our inception in 2005, the OAC has always worked hard for real people that live with obesity every day. This Giving Tuesday 2018, we ask that you play a role in helping us create Real Change for Real People by making a charitable gift to the OAC.

Throughout this season of giving into 2019, we’ll be highlighting some of those real people and stories. They serve as a reminder of why the OAC exists and why we continue to serve people.  Make sure you come back to the OAC Community Blog regularly to view and share them!

What Your Gifts Truly Mean

Your charitable gift to the OAC will help us continue to serve people by making it possible to:

  • Create and share OAC’s resources and educational materials
  • Find new, meaningful ways to fight weight bias and eliminate it
  • Expand our ability to find and equip passionate advocates
  • Increase our visibility and bring new faces to the OAC Community

People with obesity deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They deserve to have access to obesity treatment if they desire it, and they deserve to live happy and healthy lives.

Plain and simple, people with obesity deserve real change. Please consider donating a gift of your chosen amount to the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) today.

Make a Charitable Gift Today!