Today is Day 5 of OAC’s Weight Bias Action Week, and we’re humbled to see so many Community Members and supporters taking a stand against bias and sharing our resources!

However, we know that calling-out bias can be hard and even uncomfortable at times. Because of stigma, so many people are rooted in their perception of obesity. Much of this is due to a lack of science-based education and understanding, but we can change this.

Responding to Weight Bias

You may notice weight bias being displayed on social media, in news articles, in-person conversations and more. We encourage you take #OACAction and call it out! However, it is important that you do so respectfully and constructively.

Below, check-out a few sample responses you can use (or model your own responses after) when you come across situations involving bias.

In Social Media Conversations:

  • This post uses words that are dehumanizing and may be offensive toward people struggling with obesity. Would you mind using People-First Language?
  • The image you used/shared is stigmatizing because it doesn’t show the person’s face and depicts them as lazy/lacking willpower. The Obesity Action Coalition offers alternative images you can use instead. Check-out their Image Gallery.

In News Articles/Segments:

In Healthcare Settings:

  • It is important for providers, hospitals and clinics to avoid weight bias when working with patients so that the level of care can be improved. Please see the “Weight Bias in Healthcare Guide” that the Obesity Action Coalition offers.

In Conversations with Loved Ones:

  • I know you mean well, but your comment is stigmatizing toward people who struggle with obesity. It is an example of weight bias. Would you mind checking-out the Obesity Action Coalition’s stance on Weight Bias? You can visit their website at:

Thanks For Taking #OACAction!

It takes a village for us to raise awareness of weight bias, reduce it and eliminate it. If you’ve taken #OACAction during Weight Bias Action Week, thank you!

Remember that you can take #OACAction beyond this week as well. For additional ways you can be an advocate and support the OAC’s efforts, please visit our Advocacy Action Center.