Take the pledge to challenge harmful perceptions of obesity

The disease of obesity affects more than 93 million Americans, yet it’s still very misunderstood. Unfortunately, there are many false but common perceptions of obesity that create barriers for people seeking help, support and treatment.

Here are a few common perceptions that the OAC has challenged in the past few weeks to raise awareness:

These perceptions are not only wrong, but they have lasting effects on people who personally struggle with obesity. When we think this way, we are blaming someone for their weight rather than trying to understand. Obesity is a complex disease that can’t be simplified to food, exercise and willpower.

Perception of obesity matter in the media, healthcare, the workplace, among friends and family, and especially to those who are personally affected.

Take the Pledge to Challenge Perceptions of Obesity

You can help the OAC grow a stronger awareness of obesity as a disease and challenge these harmful perceptions by signing and sharing our PLEDGE.

Doing so shows that you care about sharing the RIGHT information about obesity, reducing stigma and being a part of the conversation to change how obesity is understood.

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