“I’m still taking it day by day, trying to find balance between the multiple roles I’m playing.” – Kara Richardson Whitely, Novo Nordisk Patient Ambassador

OAC Facebook Live Event, 4/23: Physical and Mental Health During Self-Isolation

On April 23rd, the OAC hosted a Facebook live event to discuss coping with self-isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic. The live event featured guest appearances from:

  • Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO
  • Nina Crowley, PhD, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian and Health Psychologist
  • Kara Richardson Whitely, Novo Nordisk Patient Ambassador

Some of the topics in the live event discussed included stress management, exercise, goal-setting and healthcare. Viewers were also able to submit questions and ask for advice. We’ve recapped some of the wisdom shared below.

Facebook Live Event Recap

Important: While obesity itself does not increase the risk of developing Covid-19, having obesity-related conditions can worsen symptoms or complications. If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, do NOT delay seeking care. Contact your healthcare provider as soon as you are able. Click Here to learn more. 

Tips for Managing Stress:

  • Commit to burning off stress when it sets in. Take a walk, listen to music or put on a podcast. Or, try doing something creative like cooking new recipes.
  • Let the light in. Try opening the curtains or windows more often. You can even bring your laptop to the patio for an outdoor workspace.
  • Keep a routine with the same wake up time and bedtime. Involve your family in a routine so everyone can stay on-track.
  • Accept that life won’t feel great or easy every day. You will have ups and downs.

Tips for Your Healthcare:

  • Don’t stay away from your providers! Most of them are willing and ready to see patients, as they are finding alternatives to traditional office appointments.
  • Use telehealth to do virtual appointments. Sessions may be less expensive right now.
  • If your provider isn’t using telehealth, search online for independent providers or platforms. For example, TalkSpace lets you look for a social worker or psychologist.

Tips for Exercise:

  • Exercise is a great way to relieve physical and mental tension.
  • See if your gym is offering virtual workouts or online classes.
  • Go on evening bike rides with your family.
  • Dig out old-school sports equipment like tennis rackets, jump ropes and roller skates.
  • Walk your dog more often.
  • Download at-home guided workout apps.

Tips for Stress Eating:

  • Appreciate the physical space you have right now between your cravings and the ability to actually go get them.
  • Get real with what’s going on and acknowledge your emotions and behaviors.
  • Find the purpose in your health goals to redirect your impulses.
  • Try coping strategies you use to handle other types of stress.
  • Surround yourself with a community. People will help you get through this.

Tips for Goal-Setting:

  • Focus your goals by asking yourself, “How do I want to emerge from all of this?”
  • Use any downtime to do things that will truly benefit you.
  • Find a “medium” size goal that you can achieve in a month or two, vs a long-term goal that feels hard to reach.
  • These couple of months of self-isolation and “slowing down” can give you enough time to break bad habits and start new ones.
  • Keep up your long-term visions and let them give you hope.

The full version of the Facebook Live Event can be viewed below.