Support is Invaluable.

In addition to the quality weight and health education we offer, did you know the OAC also has resources just for finding support and staying connected to others? We believe that support is important for anyone’s health journey, because weight and health aren’t things that should be managed alone. Take advantage of the no-cost resources from OAC listed below:

OAC’s Obesity Care Provider Locator

The OAC’s Obesity Care Provider Locator helps you find a healthcare provider to talk with about weight and health. The providers listed in this database are knowledgeable about obesity and have experience treating patients. You can search for primary care physicians, dietitians, nurse practitioners, bariatric surgeons, psychologists and more.

Start by entering your zip code and filtering your search to find providers near you. Providers can also ask to get listed in this database so patients know they are available.

Note: If you are unable to make a physical appointment due to COVID-19, try calling to ask about appointment options using telemedicine. 

OAC’s Story-sharing Video Platform

Share your stories to the Weight of the World initiative.This resource is a great outlet for expressing yourself when it comes to weight and health. You can also find support by identifying with people who share similar experiences.

Called “Weight of the World,” OAC’s video collection platform lets you share real and honest perspectives from your journey with weight:

  • Stories about your journey and the paths you’ve taken
  • Stories of inspiration and hope
  • Stories of challenges and obstacles
  • Stories to help others better understand
  • Stories about making a difference

Note: OAC has made it easy to share your stories and experiences from your own device – no fancy equipment needed. CLICK HERE to learn more. 

OAC’s Community Discussion Forum

Connect with other members in the OAC Community Discussion ForumThis resource is great for connecting one-on-one with others in the OAC. Our Discussion Forum is a safe space to be yourself and talk openly about subjects that relate to weight, obesity, health and everything in between.

Currently, many people are using OAC’s Discussion Forum as a place to talk about coping with the impacts of COVID-19:

  • Emotional eating and changing appetite
  • Healthy outlets for managing stress
  • Keeping kids occupied at home
  • Creating a new at-home routine
  • Getting active without going to the gym

CLICK HERE to start connecting in OAC’s Discussion Forum.

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