Bariatric Surgery

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Emotional Changes after Bariatric Surgery
in , on June 2, 2017

You’ve had bariatric surgery. Your next steps were given to you by your surgeon/nutritionist/dietitian and/or bariatrician. You are eating according to plan, exercising regularly and taking action. The next piece is the one that most people don’t discuss: the emotional changes that occur as a result of physical changes. While there may be a boost
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The Patient’s Perspective on the Effects of Transfer Addiction
in , , on April 21, 2016

As a psychologist who specializes in treating bariatric patients, I’ve worked with many people suffering from post-op addiction issues. Because of the influx of patients I was seeing with cross-addiction, I began to offer a “Bariatric Recovery” group. This group meets on a biweekly basis and offers a mixture of psychoeducation, processing, accountability and support.
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