Registration for YWM2020 - VIRTUAL opens May 20th


Most of us have heard the same advice about weight and weight-loss for as long as we can remember. Eat less, move more, and if you want to lose weight badly enough, you’ve got to muster up the willpower and “just do it.”

Is that really all there is to it? The science says no! The topic of weight is more complex than we think. If you’re seeking REAL answers, solutions and strategies to help you manage your weight and health, look no further than YWM2020 – VIRTUAL.

What is YWM2020 – VIRTUAL?

YWM2020 – VIRTUAL is a FREE event series and the OAC’s first ever Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO to be held entirely on a virtual platform! Like any of our Annual Conventions, this year’s virtual event will be an immersive educational experience dedicated to helping you manage your weight by:

  • Breaking down the research and science behind weight control
  • Bringing in the industry’s leading health experts
  • Equipping you with practical tools and resources
  • Offering meaningful support and community

By hosting on a virtual platform, we’re able to give you all these things at your fingertips in the comfort of your home. Our Convention is the only one of its kind because we understand the challenges with managing weight and health. We won’t give you the same generic advice you’ve always been told; we’ll challenge you to think differently about your weight.

What You Need to Know: