The summer months aren’t complete without new reading material! OAC’s newest issue of Weight Matters Magazine is now available online and accessible through our Magazine Library.

This issue is chalk full of thought-provoking articles that will engage your brain to think deeper about weight and related topics. It features perspectives from OAC members, health and wellness tips, and scientific insight from a few of the industry’s leading experts.

If you’re looking for something to do while social distancing this summer, our magazine is the perfect solution! Read it while you’re lounging around the pool, enjoying the beach, or just beating the heat indoors with a refreshing beverage.

A Glimpse Inside:

Summer 2020 Issue: Weight Matters MagazineIf you’re looking for health and wellness tips, this issue has a bunch! It features healthy living tips for beating the heat, exploring meal kit delivery options, getting your family ready for the upcoming school year and more. It also features science-based articles that explore topics such as metabolic syndrome, exercising while on medication, and a new weight management device that will soon hit the market.

You’ll also hear from a young OAC member as she shares her story about growing up with obesity and how this inspired her to be a voice of support and awareness in her later years.

To learn more about what’s inside this action-packed issue, CLICK HERE to visit OAC’s Magazine Library.

About Weight Matters Magazine:

Weight Matters Magazine is the OAC’s most popular educational resource, produced quarterly with your needs and interests in mind. Select articles are always posted online for anyone to read, but the quarterly print edition is reserved for OAC members with Premium Access.

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