The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) exists to elevate and empower people living with obesity, and, along with our Community, we are a powerful force that is making a real difference. Through each of our four pillars — support, education, advocacy and awareness  – the OAC Community is driving change to create a kinder, more inclusive world that respects everybody and every body.

The Power of Support

Supporting one another is at the heart of the OAC’s mission to uplift individuals affected by obesity. We have harnessed the power of this support to build a shared space for individuals to connect, all with the common goal of aiding each other on our journey to improved health. The OAC Community is a vibrant and supportive environment where individuals facing similar challenges can find support, encouragement and connections.

Members of the OAC Community find support in:

It is the unity and strength of our 80,000-member-strong OAC Community that pushes our organization forward, ensuring that no one faces their journey alone.

The Power of Education

Since our inception in 2005, OAC has been dedicated to offering high-quality science-based education to support people affected by obesity on their journey toward improved health. We firmly believe that education is the foundation of change, so by offering accessible and reliable education, we can empower individuals to take charge of their health and challenge our societal stigma around obesity.

Our commitment to making a positive impact is evident through our extensive collection of free and low-cost resources, such as:

  • The OAC Resource Library – a hub of hundreds of articles, guides, fact sheets and more offering trustworthy information about weight and health-related topics.
  • Weight Matters Magazine – our quarterly publication that provides insightful articles and stories, fostering a sense of community and understanding among its readers. (Bonus: Community+ Members of the OAC Community can access all past issues and can receive a print version mailed directly to them!)
  • OAC TV – our channel of exclusive video content, featuring fan favorites like Health Talks and Fresh Perspectives, which encourage open dialogue and diverse perspectives on topics that matter to our community.

These educational resources, among others, fuel a movement towards a healthier, more informed world.

The Power of Advocacy

To the OAC, advocacy means standing up and fighting for the rights of individuals affected by obesity. Every day, the OAC and our powerful Community advocate so every person is treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, regardless of their size or weight. We are committed to creating a world where weight bias is a thing of the past and access to comprehensive obesity care is the standard.

Here are a few recent advocacy wins we were able to accomplish with the help of our Community:

  • Delaware approved coverage for anti-obesity medications for state employees.
  • New York City approved a bill banning weight-based discrimination.
  • Connecticut approved a bill that expands Medicaid and Husky B coverage for prescription weight-loss drugs, nutrition counseling and bariatric surgery.

We make it easy to take action on important issues like access to care, policy, and weight bias through the OAC Action Center. Here, you can take quick but impactful actions that make a difference for people in your state and across the country (like urging your legislators to support the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act).

The Power of Awareness

As the nation’s largest grassroots obesity organization, the OAC works tirelessly to raise awareness of obesity, access to care, weight bias and much more. Because of our efforts, we’ve seen a major shift in how society views obesity in the past few years.

Here are a few of the ways the OAC has contributed to this shift in the narrative around obesity:

  • The OAC unveiled Stop Weight Bias, a campaign committed to raising awareness, ending weight bias and pushing equality forward. The campaign is bringing much-needed awareness to the areas of life where people with obesity face weight bias the most, including healthcare, employment, education, and the media.
  • Thanks to the dedicated efforts of OAC’s advocates and allied organizations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called for equal access to obesity care for all Americans. This milestone marked a crucial step forward in prioritizing equitable healthcare and treatment options for individuals with obesity across the nation.
  • The OAC collaborated with A24 filmmakers on “The Whale.” Before the film’s production, A24 engaged OAC to share insight into the realities of living with obesity. By participating, OAC was able to provide “The Whale” team with the chance to speak to real people whose lives have been affected by obesity. Our goal was to make sure the representation of severe obesity was realistic and respectful—not the caricature we so often see in movies or television shows.

While we still have much work to do, our Community stands strong against harmful myths and misconceptions and demands the dignity and respect we deserve.

The Power of Change, The Power of You

While support, education, advocacy and awareness are central to the OAC’s mission, the power of change lies with YOU. This Giving Season, we ask you to join us in unleashing ‘The Power of Change, the Power of You.’ Your donation is more than just a financial contribution. It’s an investment in the changing of lives, the reshaping of health policies and the empowerment of countless individuals.  (Plus, OAC’s National Board of Directors has committed to matching donations, dollar-for-dollar, throughout the season, so your donation will have TWICE the impact).

When you support our cause, you become a part of something bigger – a powerful force working to create a world where everyone can access the care, understanding, and support they need. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of millions of people affected by obesity and work towards a healthier world for all.

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