This week, Delaware legislators approved coverage for anti-obesity medications for state employees. Delaware ranks 25th in states impacted by obesity. Almost 34% of adults in Delaware have obesity, and almost 35% of adults have overweight. (Learn more from our Delaware Obesity Fact Sheet).

The Obesity Action Coalition believes that obesity is a complex, chronic disease that requires serious action, access to science-based treatment and comprehensive obesity care to improve quality of life and health. We demand that people affected by obesity have access to affordable medical coverage in the same way as those with other chronic diseases. People with obesity should be treated with the same dignity and respect offered to their peers.

The Obesity Action Coalition and our Community are continuously fighting for a better world for people with obesity, and our action is making an impact. This week, the Delaware State Employee Benefit Committee unanimously approved a plan that would include anti-obesity medications! We commend decision-makers in Delaware for prioritizing expanded access to obesity treatments – a major victory in our battle for access to obesity care for all.

But we still need your help in this fight. It’s time to take action to ensure that all US states cover obesity treatment. Here’s how you can make a difference: