#OCW2021 Treatment and Prevention DayTuesday, March 2nd of Obesity Care Week (#OCW2021) is focused on obesity treatment and prevention.

This awareness day is important because obesity is a chronic, complex disease that requires comprehensive and lifelong care. But unfortunately, because of weight stigma, many people don’t think of obesity as a disease that needs treatment. Most of us are told that treating obesity is as simple as “eat less, move more.” This is simply not true.

Treating Obesity

Making the decision to address your weight is an important first step to take if obesity is affecting your health and quality of life. Many people face an even tougher decision in deciding which method they will choose to help them manage their weight. You may hear people talk about choosing a “treatment” for their obesity. This just means deciding what weight-loss option is right for you.

Fortunately, there are healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of obesity – obesity medicine specialists – who can provide patients with tools and resources to help them find sustainable success. Treatment for obesity must be science-based and include a range of options for patients since treatment is not “one size fits all.”

Watch this video on obesity treatment and prevention that the OAC produced for #OCW2021. It features both a healthcare provider and a patient’s perspective on the topic of obesity treatment & prevention.

Here’s another personal perspective from an OAC Member who has tried various forms of treatment.

Obesity Prevention

It is also crucial that we focus on obesity prevention when having these conversations. Promoting a healthy lifestyle – not just weight-loss – and having open dialogue with healthcare providers can lower the chances of developing obesity or obesity-related health conditions. Along with a healthy lifestyle, healthcare providers can also be instrumental in helping you maintain a healthy weight after weight-loss to prevent regain.

OAC’s Resources on Obesity Treatment & Prevention:

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