March 2nd – Obesity is a life-long disease needing comprehensive life-long healthcare. It’s important that everyone who is affected by obesity is given the option to receive fair and proper healthcare. There are healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment of obesity, obesity medicine specialists, that can provide patients with the tools and resources for long term success.

While the treatment of obesity is important, so is the prevention. It’s crucial that we try to prevent obesity in children and as well as try and maintain a healthy lifestyle after weight loss. Even a weight-loss of 5-10% can reduce the effects of obesity-related conditions.

On this day, we are encouraging everyone to watch the OAC’s informative video which will highlight obesity treatment and prevention by sharing a patient and healthcare provider prospective.

If you’re not sure how to talk to your healthcare provider about your weight, please visit and utilize the helpful tools and resources available. You can also access to search for an obesity specialist in your area that will provide you with fair and proper care.

For more information on Obesity Treatment and Prevention Day, please visit ObesityTreatment.

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