Shine a Light on Obesity

Give Back on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd

Giving Tuesday will take place Tuesday, December 3rd this year and kick-off year-end generosity. In the midst of all the holiday hustle and bustle, this globally-celebrated day reminds us to give back to charities, too. When we pool our resources, we have the power to transform our communities.

We also know that a lot of nonprofits reach out for help on Giving Tuesday. However, please take a moment to reflect on what makes the OAC different. Obesity is very misunderstood, so our message can often be hard to get across. You are crucial to our awareness efforts.

Make Your Giving Tuesday Donation!

Your Tax-deductible Gift Shines a Light on Obesity!

Giving Tuesday 2019 is also the day the OAC will kick-off its year-end “Shine a Light” campaign. This holiday season, Shine a Light on obesity — a disease that still lives in the darkness.

When you Make a Tax-deductible, Year-end Donation to the OAC, your financial support invests in awareness. Help the OAC illuminate important issues in obesity that mostly go unrecognized.

Donate Today and Help the OAC Light up Our National Office for the Holidays!
  1. Make a Tax-deductible Donation of ANY amount to the OAC’s “Shine a Light” campaign.
  2. Tell us what issue(s) in obesity you want to shine a light on.
  3. In return, the OAC will hang a printed light with your name on it in our office for the holidays!
Your Donation Supports…

Your donation will not only help the OAC decorate our office for the holiday season, but it will also support the OAC in our 2020 efforts to make change in REAL issues related to obesity. Issues such as…

  • False beliefs about obesity from a Lack of Quality Education
  • Stereotypes, discrimination and judgement due to Weight Stigma
  • Not being able to get help addressing weight because of a Lack of Access to Care

Make Your Giving Tuesday Donation!