Healthcare providers: Take #OACAction!Are you a healthcare provider who has patients affected by obesity? From primary care physicians to surgeons, dietitians, nurse practitioners, counselors and much more, healthcare providers (HCP’s) play a crucial role in OAC’s mission to improve the lives of people affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. As caregivers, HCP’s are in a unique position to offer support, resources and quality medical care to individuals within their very own communities.

When healthcare providers take #OACAction using their various platforms, there are truly limitless possibilities that help transform the care and treatment available to patients affected by obesity! Here are just a few examples of actions you can take at any time, any place to make a difference:

  • Give your patients a Premium Access Membership through OAC’s Sponsored Membership Program.
  • Recognize other healthcare providers in your networks for outstanding care or advocacy for patients with obesity.
  • Write a letter to your medical school asking to include obesity treatment and weight bias prevention in the curriculum.
  • Make sure your next CME course includes patient voices, and if it doesn’t, speak out!
  • Lobby your insurance companies to cover all forms of science-based obesity treatments for patients.
  • Start a conversation around improving patient obesity care with State Medical Boards and local state government.

Jump-in and Take #OACAction!

Healthcare Providers: Start taking #OACAction today! Pull ideas from the short list above or come up with your own ideas to bring OAC’s mission to more people in your community. For helpful resources you can use to supplement your actions, visit and start exploring. Almost anything on our website can be used to share with patients and stakeholders!

After you take #OACAction, tell us! Post a picture or video of your action, or write a social media status that explains how you made a difference. Then, be sure to use the hashtag #OACAction so others can see what you’ve done. Thank you for your efforts!