As we kick-off an exciting year in 2021, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is excited to welcome both a new Chairwoman and a new member of our National Board of Directors!

Patty Nece, JD

Patty Nece, JD, Chairwoman of National Board of Directors
Patty Nece, JD, OAC Chairwoman

With a new year in tow, we’d first like to welcome Patty Nece, JD, as the new Chairwoman of the Board. Ms. Nece is a long-time member of the OAC Community and has served in various leadership capacities, including the OAC’s Weight Bias Committee, Convention Planning Committee and Executive Committee.

Most importantly, Ms. Nece is a passionate advocate for people affected by obesity. She often shares her experiences with obesity to challenge weight bias, support science-based obesity treatments and empower others in their health journeys. Her advocacy work has included testifying before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration about the need for more evidence-based treatments, giving a patient’s perspective at various obesity solution roundtables, and telling her story to legislators, healthcare providers, food-industry representatives and more.

Anh-Vu Pham

Anh-Vu Pham, National Board of Directors
Anh-Vu Pham

The OAC also proudly welcomes Anh-Vu Pham to the Board as our newest member. Anh-Vu is a passionate member of the OAC who is known for using his voice and personal experiences to support others in their health journeys. Like many, Anh-Vu has struggled with obesity since childhood, and has since used those experiences to advocate for obesity treatments, speak up against weight stigma and help change perceptions of obesity.

Before becoming an Application Programmer Analyst in his current career, he successfully managed a bariatric office and led a bariatric support group in Buffalo, New York. Since becoming an OAC Member, Anh-Vu has actively recruited many new members to the OAC and was also named “OAC Member of the Year” in 2018. Anh-Vu also serves on the OAC’s Membership Committee as well as the Inclusivity and Diversity Task Force, and he looks forward to growing in more leadership roles.

More about OAC’s National Board of Directors

The OAC National Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the OAC in its mission and efforts and overseeing various organizational activities and progress. For a full list of who serves on the OAC National Board of Directors, click here.